Mulch Selection

We are offering three different types of mulch.  All mulch is supplied locally from Ohio Mulch, a landscape supply company that has been in business for over 30 years.  Their top-quality products are certified by the National Mulch & Soil Council.

Premium Cypress

A light colored mulch that will have an orange or gold cast. Best choice if a long-lasting mulch is required. Decorative. Breaks down very slowly. Helps insulate the soil and prevents erosion. Hinders weed growth and retains soil moisture.

Black Accent Hardwood

This hardwood mulch is a double-processed product that is dark in color with a natural appearance. Because of its color, it tends to accent most plants better than some of the lighter colored mulches. This mulch will decompose and break down faster, acting as a natural soil conditioner.

Absolute Black Shredded

Absolute Black is a color-enhanced substitute for regular hardwood mulch. This shredded hardwood product has been colored with a vivid, long-lasting black hue. Product is all-natural and organic.