Welcome to our Troop

Some things you need to know!

On this page we will have tidbits of information to get you started on joining scouts and what to expect if you do. 

Weekly Meetings

Troop 54 meets weekly throughout the year every Monday from 7:00pm to 8:30 at the Monroe Nazarene. These meets scouts will learn and teach skills like first aid, knots, cooking, computer building, water rescues, forestry, carpentry, plumbing and more. Typically at the end of the meeting scouts will play a game related to the subject that the meeting was focused about.

Court of Honor

A Court of Honor is an award ceremony where parents and other family members are invited to. Here scouts will be presented with their ranks and merit badges earned.

Service Projects

We are always trying to serve others so with that we host and participate in service projects for other. This could be City Parks, Churches, Food Banks, Homeless shelters, County Parks and other public land. 

Finances / Fundraising

We have Individual Scout Accounts (ISA) for each scout. All money earned from fundraisers will go into the scout's ISA. This money can be used for all things scouts. This could be equipment, campouts, dues, uniforms and other scouting gear.

We do our best to fundraise with original and interesting fundraisers. We understand how tough it can be to cough up lots of money for camps so if there are any issues with making large payments the Troop can typically split your payments up to make it eaiser for families. 

Troop Equipment 

The Troop owns all sorts of equipment which is logged by a youth quartermaster and looked after an adult quartermaster. Some examples of Troop equipment: Trailer, Tents, Coolers, Food totes, Tables, Dutch ovens, kitchen supplies, stoves, propane  tanks, lanterns and more. 


Camping with us is a little different than a normal campout! To start off the food for the campout is purchased by a scout who is later reimbursed. We typically meet at the Monroe Nazarene to carpool to the campsite of choice with all the food and gear. The Troop provides tents, Cooking utensils, propane stoves and coolers. We can never guarantee an on time arrival however we send text messages to parents when we leave the campsite so you know exactly when we will be arriving. The last thing before we leave the church is scouts get to take their tent home to dry it out and clean it to so all the gear gets divided up and logged. 

Patrol Leaders Council / PLC

The PLC / Patrol Leaders Council is a group of scouts who have been elected to by other scouts to serve as a teacher and leader. These scouts will serve for 6 months until next election depending on the position. Typical positions are Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Assistant Senior Patrol leader (ASPL), Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, Webmaster,  Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster.

Rank Advancement

In Scouting we have the following ranks, Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle Scout. You must complete them in order. Each rank has its own requirements that must be completed.  Eagle Scout being the highest rank in scouting is recognized on a national scale by Universities, Military and Employers. 

BSA Uniform

Troop 54 only requires the Official BSA Uniform Top. We ask that kids wear appropriate shorts or pants through the year. This means try to stay away from gym shorts & sweatpants.  More info about the uniform can be found here: BSA Uniform Guide 

Troop Tent Cleaning

Once you take your tent home you need to make sure #1. The tent must be dry before returning it and #2. Clean!  There are specific cleaners for tents and gear, but you don't have to use that. All we ask is that the tents get set-up, swept out and if there is mud, bird poop or anything else water and a towel should work just fine, but if needed use any non bleach fabric cleaner like Tide, Era, Arm & Hammer or any other laundry detergent. Always ask if you have any questions!